Free for You: October Phone and Desktop Wallpapers

Hey loves, can you believe it is already October??  This year is flying by, that is for certain!  I absolutely love this month's downloads ... they are quite possibly the favorites I've designed for a fall season yet!

gs - october downloads - pinterest.png

I have tried and tried to get into browns and oranges and yellows for fall ... but this is much more in my color palette favorite.  Soft purples and grays, creams and pale pinks is more my language.  And those can be considered fall-like too, right? :)

The verse for the additional phone wallpaper this month is one that has a lot of personal meaning to me. Alex of Prairie Letter Shop asked me what one of my favorite verses were, and this one was absolutely it.

Psalm 46:5

"God is within her, she will not fall."

I know that I am taking this one out of context from the entire story it is within, but this is what I think about this one and why it touches my heart so much.  Sometimes I think that God asks us to do things that are big - and scary - and he asks us to jump but we are afraid of falling - but - simply put, God is within us, and we will not fall.  Fail, perhaps, but that will only remind us to pick ourselves up and try again.  As you go through this month, if you share about your faith on Instagram, I would love you to use the hashtag #withgraceandfaith if you find yourself exploring and sharing moments on your walk with Christ ... I would love to see more of us come together and share in this way.

I hope that you have an amazing month and that you love these beauties this month!  I will be back again next Thursday with a lot of exciting updates, so I hope to see you here again soon!