Free for You: April Desktop and Phone Wallpaper

Free April 2016 Desktop and iPhone Wallpapers, designed by Grace and Serendipity

Hello loves, hooray for our monthly free wallpaper day!  April here is filled with all sorts of goodness.  I'll be heading up to the Pursuit Conference in a few days, and I can't wait to be there among the women that are also attending and feel God's presence so strongly as I really hone in on trying to determine how He sees my business changing over the course of the rest of the year.  This time of the year is always filled with a lot of busy, and so I wanted to make a design for this month that is cool, calm, and serene.  Did you know that blue is one of the best colors for this?  I think that the psychology of colors is so interesting, and definitely take this into account when creating designs for the home too.  This design was also was inspired by a wedding invitation for a May wedding, but you'll have to wait this time and see it after the wedding takes place ;) ).

Free April 2016 Desktop Wallpaper Download, designed by Grace and Serendipity

My desktop looks so fresh and spring-like with these bright colors inviting me to work happy.  So without further ado, here are your downloads for this next month!  For each one, click the link details beside each one to download.  From there, right click to save, and enjoy!


I would love to hear what your favorite colors are, and if you feel like they have any psychological effects on  you!  My favorite go-to colors are always a pale pink, a soft gray, or a serene blue, as may become quickly obvious if you take a peek at my recent Instagram feed. I hope you all have an amazing month, and hope that you love your freebies!