Free For You: February Phone and Desktop Wallpaper


Can you believe the first month in 2016 has almost passed already?  I know it seems like we always say it, but this month flew by.  I think with all of the excitement of a new year and planning so many big things for this year, every day was filled to the brim and it was just perfect.  If you've been following along on Instagram, you may have noticed a slight shift in my feed, which is a sign of what's to come. If you guessed a lot more designs, you are absolutely right.  2016 will hold so much paper designed goodness for weddings and celebrations that I can't help to simply be stoked about it. I realize that it is not yet February and so you may be thinking, why is she posting this now?  Well, the answer is simple.  I want you to be prepared and ready to go for February 1st, so instead of making you wait until the 1st day of the month to start fresh, for the monthly downloads, they will become available on the last Thursday each month.  That way, when you have time in the next few days, download the wallpapers to your phone or desktop, and when February 1st arrives, you will be all set! I feel like it's kind of getting a present before you birthday, and also it gives you something to look forward to when a new month begins!

Free Download - February 2016 phone wallpaper and desktop wallpaper - designed by Grace and Serendipity

This month, I wanted to go with a little bit of a warmer and brighter color palette, still keeping it a bit neutral with the gray background.  I didn't use a large amount of flowers as I didn't want the screen to look too busy ... less was more this month, compared to the January downloads where they were surrounded with florals.

For this design, my favorite part of the typography is the gentle swooping in the F, and how it blends with the b.  I'm using this font for a couple of designs in progress currently and I am in love with it!  As far as the graphics, I feel like they have a little bit of whimsy, grace, and boldness all blended into one. I love the look of the falling petals and leaves the most on the top left part of the desktop screen.

If you have a design set as your background on your computer, did you find that it enticed you to keep your desktop cleaner?  Before doing this monthly, I used to have a soft pink background on my desktop and didn't clean it up nearly as much as I should.  However, now I find myself organizing desktop files a lot more often, simply because it looks so much neater when there's not much on the screen to be seen, and I don't like having my desktop wallpaper covered.  Have you found yourself doing that too?

Free Download - February 2016 phone wallpaper and desktop wallpaper - designed by Grace and Serendipity


Share Your Thoughts!

I would love to hear from you … what coordinating item would you like to see created for this particular design for this month?  I love it so much that I want to create one of everything, but I am choosing between either a fun bridal shower suite or a notecard and notepad duo.  Which would you rather see?  Leave a comment below to vote for your choice!

I hope to see you back here next Thursday again.  Have an amazing day, and enjoy your February 2016 wallpapers!