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I am so excited to potentially create a beautifully branded collection with you for your business.  If you would be so kind, please take a few moments and fill out this questionnaire. This is not a contract of any kind, it's just a way for me to learn more about your business and ideas that you may have on logo design, branding and business collateral. Thank you!

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For example, modern, colorful, and eccentric. Or, loving, simple, and monochromatic. It doesn't necessarily have to be what it is right now, but what you want it to be.
After reviewing the Branding details on the website, which items are you potentially interested in? *
Please check all items that you are potentially interested in working together on.
This is to determine quantities only, and will be kept between you and I.
Which printing method or paper type are you potentially interested in? *
Please check all that apply. These are listed pricing-wise in order from the lowest to the highest. We can definitely combine elements if budget is a concern (for example, if you love the feel of letterpress or foil, we can potentially create a letterpress or foil invitation and then use flat printing with it for your additional pieces).
Do you have a budget you would like to stay within in for everything you checked above? Or, if you aren't sure, let me know that too, and we'll work on it together! *
This includes all items you will need - possibly including your logo, business cards, Tshirts, etcetera.