The Love Notes Wall, a Wedding Guestbook Alternative

Hey loves, happy Thursday!  I am so excited to share this idea with you today for those of you who are planning a wedding, or an engagement, or even a birthday or anniversary celebration!  This past June, the beautiful and oh-so in love Sami and Drew said their I Do's here on the beautiful beaches of Pensacola.  They were such a fun couple to work with, especially when it came to their paper beauties.  Sami gave me complete creative control to think outside of the box when it came to their wedding, and this Love Notes Wall may just be the most favorite guestbook alternative idea I've ever gotten to create. A tremendous thank you to Jeremy with Aislinn Kate Photography for these photos that I'm able to share here as well!

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I wanted them to have something that was meaningful and was exciting to have for their anniversary for each year.  So pulling from inspiration from Kate Spade when I saw this envelope wall, I thought it would be amazing to have envelopes written out from years one to fifty, that guests could write a note to them, seal the envelope, and then Sami and Drew would open the envelope (or envelopes) that had that year written on it on their anniversary.  Now, every year from year one to year fifty, they'll have a handful of love notes to read from the guests that were at their wedding. I know they'll love to see what people wrote for all of the years, but something tells me that by the time they've been married for 50 years and get to the end of this guestbook journey, every year these notes will carry more and more meaning.

We ended up creating it with their wedding color palette consistent with their boho beach theme of a rich eggplant, dusty ruse, soft mint, sandy taupe, and soft blue.  I alternated the envelope colors randomly and printed the years on the back of the envelopes, then inserted a notecard into each one, that guests could pull out and write their notes on.  We also had a print with directions explaining it all since I've never seen this done anywhere before, so that it would make it easy for guests to know what to do for them. 

To see more details from their wedding day, see this post here!

I assembled the board, the envelopes, and the florals on-site on the wedding day, but I had also put it together at my house beforehand as a "trial run" of sorts so that I would be able to recreate it quicker on the wedding day since I knew time was going to be a factor in having it completed along with the other items needed when setting up for a wedding, and in all, on-site it took about an hour to put together.  It was 8 feet wide, 10 feet high, and I think it turned out beautifully!

We used twine and mini clothespins to hold the envelopes so that they were easily removable and the envelopes weren't damaged when taken down, and I asked Fiore to bring blooms inside water tubes so that we could wrap them with twine and add them to the board to keep with my brides boho beach romantic chill theme.  Their entire wedding ceremony and reception was outside at Landshark Landing + Margaritaville on Pensacola Beach, so I needed to make sure these beautiful blooms didn't let the summer sun get the best of them and wilt from the heat!

Guestbook Love Notes Wall - by Grace and Serendipity
Guestbook Love Notes Wall - by Grace and Serendipity
Guestbook Love Notes Wall - by Grace and Serendipity

I hope that by sharing this post with you today you've got some ideas on alternative guestbook details that you can add to your own wedding!  This board was one of many little details throughout the day. I was also blessed to get to create their Save the Dates, Wedding Invitation, and other little details, including sweet bride and groom cards to pair with this too.  For more details from their wedding day, please visit my portfolio here to see additional details from the paper perspective, and visit Aislinn Kate's blog for an overall peek into the day! 

Boho Beach Themed Custom Wedding Invitations by Grace and Serendipity

Congratulations to you, Sami and Drew.  I wish you many, many years of happiness and love as you begin your forever together.