Color Palettes: An Organic Inspiration with Sage, Navy, and Gray

Oh my goodness, I am so excited to be sharing a few more details on this with you today!  One of the things that will be changing for this blog this year is showing more of my current works in progress through inspiration boards with you, and this one below is one I'm currently designing paper details for.  I'm already swooning! I am working with Shannon of Great Southern Weddings for her Bridal Workshop to design some paper details for a small group of brides on January 30th of this year.  I don't want to give away too much yet, but if you are a local bride, this is not something you want to miss!  Fiore of Pensacola and Aislinn Kate Photography will also be sharing floral and photography planning details, and Shannon has curated such an amazing event, so if you're engaged and interested, head to the link above for more information!

As far as the inspiration, we are working on a design concept that is inspired by an organic wedding look with loose florals, romantic touches, and swoonworthy colors when paired together.  I could go on and on, but I think this board says it all.

navy, sage, and gray organic wedding inspiration board - grace and serendipity

Inspiration Sources: wedding dress | place setting | long head table + candles design | paper

I hope that this gives  you some amazing inspiration for your own organic wedding you're planning if you're using this kind of a palette, and stay tuned for the final paper details I designed for this beauty of an event!

Share your Thoughts...

I would love to know what color palettes you would like to see designed for inspiration boards this year.  What colors are you using for your wedding, or what would you like to see put together to help you with ideas?  Please share with me in the comments below!