Branding Story: A Bold Color Palette

Hello loves, happy Tuesday!  Today I wanted to share with you one of the boldest color palettes I've gotten to work with yet with a business owner for her branding.  This is a design in progress for an incredibly confident woman as is reflected in her branding story ... consider this your sneak peek until we can share the completed product! This color palette is one that simply made us jump for joy.   

We are pairing bold jewel-toned colors with a beautiful gold and striking black and white stripe pattern. Isn't it incredibly eye-catching?? 

Bold Color Palette - jewel tones and gold - Business Branding by Grace and Serendipity

I wanted to share this one in particular with you today because this is a very different style from what I traditionally have become known for as far as design goes.  I love working with a variety of styles and colors for business branding, especially when it is paired with beautiful typography, and this color palette is one that is so rich in style on it's own.  It gives a very bold and confident look to her brand, and I feel that it reflects the personality of this business owner with what she is doing in particular.  

It is so important when you think about your branding for your business that you choose something that reflects your personal style and what you want your business to encompass.  I'm excited to share her completed branding story with you in the weeks ahead!