Business Branding: Inspired, Refined, and Charismatic Defined

Hello hello! I am stoked to be sharing the details with you today about Business Branding, which will be available to creative business owners just nine short days from now! You have heard me talking about this for quite a while, so today I wanted to go into the details of the three services that will be available for your business.  This post is pretty detailed, so grab a cup of coffee, get comfy, and join me for a bit!  

I would love to tell you that branding for your business is easy.  I would love to tell you that it is a five minute one time thing, that once you create a logo for your business, you will be all set.  Unfortunately though, that is simply not true. Branding for your business is SO much more than a logo - it is the feeling you give your customers when you work with them, it is the way you write every single blog post, email, message, or caption, it is the colors you use to convey feelings about your brand, the images you use on social media, and it most importantly, is an extension of your personality and how you want your business to speak for you.  Branding is something that takes time, it's not something you can complete overnight.

The services that I will be offering for Business Branding are centered around design and collateral to extend your branding past your online presence.  Along with branding and logo design, I will be focusing on the stationery side of things - business cards, notecards, branded stickers, thank you cards, postcards, etcetera. 

I do want to add here too that I will still be offering wedding design, this is simply an extension of my design services.  I love celebrating wedding days and designing for those forever moments way too much to ever stop designing for those special occasions, so don't worry about that going away at all!

A few people have also asked me if I will also be offering website design, and that is not something I will be offering now or in the future.  I think that website design is a beautiful field all its own, and that is definitely something that requires a unique eye and skillset.  I would suggest you work with an incredible website designer for that specific aspect of it.  Should you need a website designer, I can recommend some amazingly talented website designers who can take incredible care of you on that side of your branding.

Read on below for the first of the three service offerings, starting with The Inspired Brand!

The Inspired Brand

Logo Design + Business Branding

Included with The Inspired Brand will be logo design and stylized business branding, including comprehensive conversations and questionnaires with me while we work together to create a logo to be the foundation of a brand that you absolutely love.   We'll start with the basics and build from there.  Once your logo is designed, color palette selected, typography chosen, and your design is complete, I will create a branding style guide for you to have to refer back to continually as you are developing your brand, to help you to keep things consistent within your branding.  

In addition, we will create at least two collateral pieces - business cards, notecards, or another piece that you can use to convey a stronger brand message to your customers, and bring everything together.  Why is this important?  Because when you are hired or someone purchases something from you, you want to give them a more complete experience with your business, one that has complementing pieces to what they've purchased from you to learn more about your business and create more of an experience with you when shopping with you or working with you for services you provide.  This is the first step to building a branded business.

The Refined Brand

Business Branding + Collateral Design

The next service offering available for business branding is a more detailed service than the Inspired Brand, which is the Refined Brand.  You may already have a logo and business cards, but from there, you don't have much else of what you need ... yet.  We will work together to refine your brand, to create a more cohesive brand experience. Perhaps you have a logo, but don't have a color palette that you love to go with it and round out your branding.  Or, you may have a color palette that you kind of work with and a logo you love, and you know you want to have collateral pieces to go with it, but you aren't sure what you need or you simply don't have the time or design experience to dedicate to creating those pieces that you know you want to have.

 This is where  we will work together to help your brand to stand out, working with me to create all of the different pieces you may want to have.  Whether you are a shop owner who wants to send something in the mail with every order someone purchases from you, or a wedding photographer looking to sweeten her branding just a bit for her forever sweethearts she gets to celebrate on their wedding day with, this is where we can take your branded business to the next level, with custom branded collateral pieces to make it even more refined and amazing.

The Charismatic Brand

collateral design + Client experience

OK. I have saved my favorite for last.  This is the one service I am definitely the most excited for, hence why I have been calling the sneak peeks the Charismatic Brand as we have been going along prior to today.  I want to give you two different examples of where this could probably be just about perfect for mostly all of you reading this post, whether you are a service provider or a product seller. This is the service that is probably best for those of you who have been in business for a little while as you probably have already identified where you need to add pieces within your business to help it stand out more.


- The Service Provider -

The Wedding Vendor, The Virtual Assistant, The Business Coach, etc.

You have a logo, you have business cards, but when you are hired by your clients, what do you send them?  Do you have a set of custom notecards with a beautifully branded gift and welcome packet welcoming them into your business, or do you send them a note you found at the dollar spot at Target, if you send them a note at all? (please note I am not saying good things for your business can't be found at Target ... go with me here ;) ).  When you meet with them, what do you use to take notes?  When it's Christmas, do you send them a gift?  What is it, and how is it packaged?  How have you sweetened the experience of your clients choosing you to work with them? Have you put thought into these aspects yet? Or do you want to, but don't know what to do, don't have the time to do it, or don't know who to turn to?  That's where I want to come in to help you, in answering these questions for you and setting your business up for success with ease.


- The Product Seller -

The Etsy Shop Owner, the Creative Product Designer, or The Pop-Up Shop Stunner

You started your business and you are absolutely loving it.  Sales are coming in and you love mailing packages of your amazing products to everyone who you are blessed with a purchase from, but, you want to make yours stand out instead of incorporating the basics that can be found most places.  You don't want to mail your packages beautifully and add special touches to make them unique, but you aren't sure where to look, or you don't have the time to research what you're looking for.  You want to give your buyers an experience from the moment that your package is in their mailbox or on their front porch.  

What are you going to do to help your products to stand out even more?  Will it be by adding a sticker to your mailer on the outside, or tying every piece inside with a beautiful ribbon?  Perhaps you want to use branded packing tape, or even adding something unique to your business as a surprise to every order.  What will you do to help your business to be what you know it can be, and make it even more incredible and consistent for your customers every time they receive a package from you? This is where we will work together to think about the branded possibilities you have within your business and the things you'd like to change or improve, to sweeten the experience of the people who purchase items from you.

So there you have it!  Is your head buzzing with ideas yet?  Are you thinking more about your brand, and how you could make it better and more of an incredible experience for those you get the opportunity to work with, whether you are a service or a product seller?  This is where I want to help.  With many different designed pieces for collateral and branding both within my own business and in helping other creative business owners to know what branded collateral product sellers and service providers need to help their business to stand out, you want to work with someone who knows what it takes to help your brand stand out.  I've done the research for you on where to find the distinctly branded pieces that you can use within your business to help your brand to go above and beyond what it is already doing for your business, so that you can focus more on building an amazing business and not thinking about these details, working together as a team to create a brand for your as incredible as you know it can be.

Next week on Tuesday, I'll be back once more to share details about Serendipity Sessions, which will be the other piece in this complete branding addition to Grace and Serendipity.  I hope to see you back here again soon!