In the Press: Cosmopolitan Bride Australia Magazine!

grace and serendipity - featured (as kristins grace) in cosmopolitan bride magazine

I am so excited to share this with you today!  Back in the early spring, I was contacted by Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine that is based in Australia.  They were doing a piece on either choosing to have social media included in your day, or if you would choose to have an unplugged wedding instead.  In my Etsy shop, I have quite a few wedding signs, but with as many as there are available, I felt incredibly excited when I had the opportunity to be published overseas. 

grace and serendipity - featured (as kristins grace) in cosmopolitan bride magazine - unplugged wedding

This sign above is the one that was included in the featured article. I loved flipping the pages and seeing it in print!  And, I have it in my hands due to social media - I met a woman from Australia on an online class a few months ago, and she mailed it to me from Australia, since they don't carry this magazine here in the US.  That alone is pretty incredible!

I have to ask, what would you choose to have for your wedding? Would you rather have an unplugged wedding, where your guests put their phones away for the entire time during the ceremony, or, would you prefer to have photos around everywhere, and have a sign like this one below, including a hashtag so that your friends can all share their photos instantly with you?

grace and serendipity - featured (as kristins grace) in cosmopolitan bride magazine - instagram sign

For me, I think that if I could do my wedding ceremony again, I would choose to have an Unplugged Wedding. There is something so incredibly wonderful about knowing that your guests are right there with you, celebrating every moment of your ceremony, living it through their own eyes, instead of seeing it through their screens trying to capture "just" the perfect shot.  Also, knowing that you hired a professional photographer for your wedding ceremony, I would love to know that I'll be receiving the photos from the professional, the one we hired to photograph our day that I know will capture all of our moments well.

How about you?  On your wedding day, would you prefer to have an unplugged wedding, or would you want people to capture moments throughout the day as they took place?  I'd love to hear what you think!

If you would like to purchase one of these signs for your wedding day, please visit my Etsy Shop to see many more options!  Happy Planning!