For the Creative Business Owners ... The DreamDoer Collection


It's part 2 for the 2016 Collection Posts for this week!  Today, I am going to share a few favorite details with you about the DreamDoer Collection, which was designed for creatives and business owners. This is a part of the 2016 Collection that was designed for creatives and mamas.  Each collection has 12-20 different pieces in it, and each one was created using the same basis for design so that you can mix and match as you’d like, and create a cohesive look in your home.  There are four different collections in all … the Hey Mama Collection, the LifePlanned Collection, the Faith Full Collection, and the Dream Doer Collection.  This post today will highlight a few favorite cards from the DreamDoer Collection, which was designed specifically for business owners and creatives … and the blog schedule will be changed just a bit this week, as there will be a miniature post every day this week to share favorites all week long!

This collection was inspired by those around me every single day.  Whether it is a simple phone conversation, a text message, an Instagram photo or a blog post, so many times we see what others are doing and have the chance to emotionally invest in ourselves and each other to do things better.  A lot of times, as a business owner when you're trying something new or expanding your business to do new things, you need a little bit more encouragement to help you to realize just how amazing you are.  So, for that reason, the DreamDoer Collection was created.

These are a few of my favorite prints from the collection, which were all created to inspire you, to fuel your fire, to help you to realize that you are amazing and capable of doing anything that you set your mind to if you put one foot in front of the other, make a plan, and simply try.  With hard work, patience, and dedication, you can absolutely do anything you put your mind to, and remember to celebrate the small wins as you go along.

This print is one of my absolute favorites.  When you're in business, you have moments that I call confetti moments, which are the ones that make you want to jump for joy, celebrate, throw a party, and imagine that there is confetti being tossed all around you.  No matter if it's your first etsy sale or number 1000, you booked your first wedding or you were published in your favorite magazine, celebrate those moments as you go along the way.  This item is available as both a print and a card, and so I hope that you'll want to sprinkle some fellow-business owners with this little reminder to celebrate their confetti moments as they go along too!

Another favorite item is this above, which is actually a combination of 12 prints with a monthly calendar for 2016!  I am one that loves to switch prints out throughout the year, and love having new quotes and words of wisdom to refer to as I go through different seasons of life.  This is a 12 piece 5x7 calendar, with the month printed on one side, and on the opposite has a quote.  So, you can mix and match throughout the year to the print that's inspiring you the most, and coordinate prints throughout your home!

This collection today has such a piece of my heart in it.  I am in my sixth year of business and as I transition from wedding planning services to a product based business, these words are ones I have relied on so many times throughout the past year.  I hope that one of these pieces that are included are exactly what your heart wants to see every day.

To see the entire DreamDoer Collection,  visit the shop to see what speaks to you the most, or what you feel will be the best to send to a friend!  I hope to see you back here again tomorrow, where I'll share some pieces of the third part of the 2016 Collection!