Hello 2015!

grace and serendipity - hello 2015

Early last week, I posted this image to my Instagram, and there are so many thoughts, dreams, aspirations, ideas, and fun details sprinkled into these two words that I can hardly stand it.  I am making some changes in 2015 and am so excited to be sharing a few of them with you here today.

2015 will mark the start of my sixth year as a wedding planner, and I can't be more excited than what this year will hold.  There are so many changes that have taken place since I first started in the world of weddings, and every year I try and improve my business and make it not only better for my brides and grooms, but also add more tidbits into planning that will make things easier, more fun, and also keep up with growing technology.

My two words for this year are simplified and intentional. As far as the business side of it, when it comes to making things more simplified, that is simply adapting a few things I do currently to the ease of technology being developed around us, especially thanks to some amazing programs I have discovered and have fallen in love with in the last few months of 2014!

As much of a paper and pen person that I am (I constantly have notebooks, notepads, and colorful pens everywhere, and still write everything down on paper when it comes to meetings with my couples instead of using an ipad or anything else!) I have also found some amazing apps and items that a few of my current brides have been "beta testing" for me the last few months, and I am finally making the leap to use a couple of them with everyone from here on out now that I know how well they really work!

As far as intentional goes, that one is very simple.  When it comes to planning weddings, so many times, we all get wrapped up in the details (myself included!) and focusing our energy on creating a wedding that is gorgeous, or unique, or creative, and this year, I am wanting to help my couples focus more on themselves throughout this as well and remember the why behind why they are getting married too.  Remembering why they fell in love in the first place, rejoicing in their moments, and just having a lot of fun while planning one of the best days of their lives!  I've been working on some fun surprises for the last few months to incorporate into the weddings I am planning with my current couples, and am very excited to add a few little fun surprises in with them and my future lovebirds.

My blog will have a whole lot of amazing things added to it this year too.  I have an ever-growing long list of post ideas that I have been wanting to write about as well, and so I can't wait to start to share them with you!  I want this blog to become more of a resource for brides for planning, to share different DIY projects and tutorials, write about wedding trends and ideas I currently am swooning over, and also incorporate quite a few amazing small businesses that will make your wedding more unique, in addition to sprinkling moments in my life as a mama too.  And yes, I'll also still be sharing work in progress projects and designs I'm working on throughout the year as well, because that is such a part of my weddings that it's impossible not to include that!

Phew!  How does that sound to the start to the new year?

I'm looking forward to the posts that are already planned for the weeks to come, and hope you are too. The first post will be something incredible for all of you newly engaged brides ... so stay tuned, and I hope you have an amazing 2015!