Jessi and Joseph's Love Story

jessi and joseph - cook images engagement session - pensacola wedding planner_0259

jessi and joseph - cook images engagement session - pensacola wedding planner_0259

These two.  Seriously, Jessi is one of the sweetest, kindest, most excited and organized brides that I've worked with to plan a wedding day.  I have only met Joseph once, so have primarily been planning with Jessi and her mom to create one gorgeous wedding day that you will not want to miss.   These two have such a cute history together and I know they're so excited to be husband and wife.  Instead of me continuing on, read below to learn more about this cute couple and their wedding day that will be here before we know it.  Thanks also to Jeremy with Cook Images for sharing their engagement pictures, I can't wait to work with you again on their wedding day. How did you two meet?  Joseph and I met in high school. Joseph was a senior and I was a junior. We had several mutual friends, but hadn't ever met each other. One night we both attended a school play, I was sitting at a table in front of Joseph, and in the middle of the play he started throwing paper balls at me... We chatted after the play and began talking more and more after that, and the rest is history!

Jessi, when did you know that HE was the one for you?  It's hard to pinpoint the exact time. It was more of a gradual progression of things. It started to become second nature that he was always there, and when I couldn't imagine my future without him being in it, I just knew that he was the one.

Joseph, when did you know she was the one? I agree with her, it was just that comfortable feeling where everything flowed together so well. We never fight, and I reached the point where there was no other person I could see myself with. When i thought about the future, she was in it, and I just knew. When i told her i loved her for the first time, I kind of already knew that she was who I would spend the rest of my life with.

jessi and joseph - cook images engagement session - pensacola wedding planner_0260

jessi and joseph - cook images engagement session - pensacola wedding planner_0260

How did he pop the question?  Joseph's birthday is October 8, so the weekend of October 10 I came home from college and Joseph said we were going to go out to the beach to have a birthday dinner with some of his friends at a nice restaurant. I didn't think anything of it honestly. We drove out to the beach and were meeting his friends at their condo at Portofino. We got to their condo and they said they were almost ready, for us to just wait out on the balcony. We walked outside and the sun was setting, and I was trying to take a picture of how pretty it was over the water. Joseph had walked to the ledge of the balcony and told me to come over there and to look down (we were at least 15 stories up). I looked down, and there was a huge sign that said "Marry me?" I turned around and Joseph was on one knee, pulled out the most beautiful ring I'd ever seen, and asked me to marry him! It was perfect and I was so surprised! He put so much thought into planning it and that made it even more special!

Share a few favorite things about your wedding day! We are getting married at St. Luke United Methodist Church in Pensacola, FL. I grew up in that church, so it's a very special place for me and where I have always imagined getting married. Our reception will be at 5eleven Palafox in downtown Pensacola. We chose that venue because we loved the rustic look of it and the history the building had. We are getting married in the beginning of August. To be totally honest, we picked that time of the year because we wanted to get married before football season started. Joseph and I both went to The University of Alabama, so getting married on a Saturday that conflicts with any SEC football game just wasn't an option! ;)

Describe your wedding in three words: Sweet, rustic, fun! Our colors are mint, gold, and shades of pink. We are incorporating lots of soft floral designs. We will have some vintage aspects, as well as some rustic themes.

Out of everything, what is the most important to the two of you on your wedding day (other than becoming husband and wife!)?  I just want Joseph and I, as well as our guests, to have a really relaxed and fun time!

jessi and joseph - cook images engagement session - pensacola wedding planner_0258

jessi and joseph - cook images engagement session - pensacola wedding planner_0258

What have you loved most about planning your wedding?  I loved that I have gotten to really express myself through my wedding decor and knowing that at the end of this Joseph and I will be married!

What has been the most difficult part? Deciding on colors to use was definitely the hardest part of the process for me.

Have you always dreamed about your wedding day?  Or, was the day you got engaged when you first started thinking about it?  Yes, I have always dreamed of it! I didn't have everything planned out, but I knew the style of wedding and reception I wanted.

Where are you headed for your honeymoon?We are heading to an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica! Neither of us have ever been out of the country, so we are really excited about that aspect. We wanted to go somewhere relaxing and tropical where we wouldn't have to worry about anything at all that week.

What makes you most excited about being Joseph’s wife?  I'm really excited to spend everyday with him. I'm looking forward to all the little things like having a lazy day around the house as well as the big things like starting a family with him. We have been dating for close to five years now, so it will be great to take this step in our relationship.

Joseph, what makes you excited about being Jessi’s husband?  Just starting the next step of our lives together. We've known for so long that we were going to be together that it's just a relief to be able to live together and be married.

When it comes to marriage and your life together, what are the two of you looking forward to the most? I think just getting to experience all of life's adventures together.

Picture your lives five years from now.  Where do you see yourselves, what do you see happening in your lives together? We hope to still be in Pensacola, living in a home we love and have made "ours", and making plans for a family together.

jessi and joseph - cook images engagement session - pensacola wedding planner_0262

jessi and joseph - cook images engagement session - pensacola wedding planner_0262

Do you have any advice for newly engaged brides, or those in the middle of planning? My advice is to get everything done as far in advance as possible. That way vendors have openings, and you don't have to settle for something you'll be unhappy with. It's been great to be able to enjoy the last few months of our engagement without having to stress over those things. Another thing I highly recommend is hiring Kristin as your wedding planner! As soon as I met her, I could tell she just "got" me and what we wanted our wedding to encompass, which was such a huge relief and something I had been struggling with! I have no doubt she will make our wedding day as stress-free and as perfect as possible!


Jessi and Joseph, oh my goodness, I know that your guests are going to love everything that you have put together for them on your wedding day, and I am so glad to be a part of it!  Enjoy the next few weeks together before you officially become each other's Mr. and Mrs.!