Our New Shop is Open!

I am so excited (SO EXCITED) to be sharing this with you all today!!!  Back in the summer, I closed my Etsy shop and told myself that I would only reopen it when two conditions could be met.

(1) it had to be on my own website and (2) It would only hold products that meet these specific criteria:

  • items that I wanted to design to lovingly adorn people's walls in their homes or cards for people to hold in their hands
  •  items that would encourage and uplift people and
  •  be the kind of style I love to design -  simple and type-driven without a lot of additional graphic elements added in.

And today, I can excitedly say that the shop is open! 

The New Grace and Serendipity Shop is Now Open!

It includes three of my favorite things:  mugs, prints, and cards (along with ornaments for the holidays), for people I feel called to design for:  forever sweethearts, mamas, and fellow faith-driven friends.

Eventually I may expand these product lines further, but for now, it is absolutely perfect for what it's supposed to represent.  It is filled with items designed for a life well loved.  

I also redesigned the homepage so that now, even if you're on your phone or tablet, you're still able to access and see everything with ease, you can click on through right for what you're looking for each time, and hopefully, you'll love it as much as I do.  

We have a few giveaways happening this week to celebrate ... so hop on over to Instagram to join in on the excitement!