Serendipity Sessions: Coaching Sessions for Creative Business Owners

Hello hello!  Today is all about Serendipity Sessions, which will become available THIS Thursday (!!!) to creative business owners!  I am pretty excited about this addition and know that it will be able to help fellow creatives ... so I guess you could say I am pretty stoked to be writing this post today!

I have been in business for seven years, and in those years I have learned quite a few things.  I would love to say that it has been an easy road, but it has been one filled with twists and turns, highs and lows.  However, the entire time, learning as I went along, I knew that I wanted to be able to help other creatives.  We are not meant to be people who hold everything to ourselves - we are designed to help each other to succeed, and that is what these sessions will be built upon.  

I do want to preface this post as well, and include that if you are in need of a "full time" business coach or something long term that is a few months or a year long consistency, that is not what these will be - this will be for you if you need help with a few things but already know generally what it is that you want to do or are doing currently, making a plan together with me in either one or a few sessions.  Perhaps you want to learn a new skill, simply have someone look at things from a different perspective, or have a seasoned business owner to chat with to offer suggestions and ideas with taking care of your clients better - think of this as a power session to develop your business into a stronger one, and one that you will love even more. 

Below are the details for the main three Serendipity Sessions, with the subjects for each included as well!

Serendipity Sessions - coaching sessions for creative business owners - balancing mama and business life by Grace and Serendipity

Balancing Mama + Business Life

When it comes to being a business owner, if you have littles at home with you, it is an entirely different experience running a business.  You need to prioritize things so that you can have that desirable balance every single day.  I have never known business without my littles by my side - when we found out I was expecting, that's when we decided to take my business from a "side job" into my main income, so I had to learn quickly and on my feet.  Now I have two littles here with me and wouldn't have it any other way, but goodness there have been times it has been challenging!  I want to help you if you find yourself struggling with balancing life as a mom and a business owner, because I fully believe that it can be done with a whole lot of grace, patience, determination, and persistence to make it work.  These below are the two main sessions that will be offered:

Timeblocking Your Days

I run every single piece of my business in blocks.  Almost every day, I have very specific hours that I do certain things - when it comes to designing, emails, blogging, social media, etcetera for my business, and then the flipside, running our household.  Every single thing is on a schedule or a routine in our home as well, loosely. This helps to keep things consistent and make sure that I can be the best mom possible to my littles, while also remembering to do the laundry and cook dinner too, while keeping things moving in my business at a happy pace.  We will chat about what will work for you and find pockets of time in your days that you work the best in order to help you to feel more confident in your day to day routine.

Priority Setting by Your Season

There are certain times in our lives that everything gets completely shifted - the arrival of a new baby, perhaps you change jobs, or even have a child who begins to do sports during a certain time of year.  This means that you need to change your focus and perhaps make changes within your business so that it can still succeed but not overwhelm you tremendously.  We will chat about what you have going on currently and make a plan to help you prioritize pieces within your business to help you to thrive in the season of life you are in.

Serendipity Sessions - coaching sessions for creative business owners - nestling into your niche by Grace and Serendipity


As a business owner, especially in todays world, it is so easy to see what this or that person is doing and suddenly, the comparison monster rears it's ugly head and has you second guessing what you do, where your gifts are, and you add piece upon piece to your business until it becomes so many different things that you forget your focus.  These sessions will focus on simplifying and helping you to grow as you should - not because someone else thinks you should do it a certain way.


When you think about what your true gifts are, are you using those within your business to help it to become something you absolutely love??  Or, are you offering A, B, C, D, E, F, and G, but they all have different people and products to them and they simply don't blend together because of it? Or, are you doing things simply because people have asked you to, but your heart isn't in it? You want to create a business you love, and honing in on the gifts you have to make that business incredible is exactly what we will cover in this session.


You wake up every single day to get to work on your business and create something incredible that you get to call yours.  Is it still giving you joy in your heart, or are you simply going through the days and going through the motions?  We will chat together to see what it is you truly love the most, and work together to make a plan to build a business you love that stirs your soul with happiness every single day.

Serendipity Sessions - coaching sessions for creative business owners - the client experience by Grace and Serendipity

Loving Your Clients Well

We are blessed with the opportunities to work with people or create items that they will absolutely love.  Are you showing them appreciation for it and taking good care of them at the same time?  Or, are you simply looking at the relationship with them as a financial transaction?  I think that it is so important that we take great care of the clients we work with, and want to help you to create a unique system that works for your business to help it run smoothly, and helps you to take amazing care of your clients at the same time.

Systems to Develop a Sweet Workflow

If you are services provider, when someone first inquires with you, what do you do?  Do you send them each an individual email, or do you have a system that walks them through from the first email you receive with their inquiry, all the way until you are completed with working with them? Do you have a system in place for working with clients and having a workflow from beginning to end, to make sure everything is taken care of throughout your time together?

Or, if you are a product based business, when someone purchases from you, what do you do? How do you keep track of orders and package them to keep orders flowing consistently?  How do you store shipping items and packing materials, and how do you keep track of where those items are purchased from so that you can easily reorder them when needed?

In this session, we will work together to put together a workflow that works for you - whether you are someone who works with paper or online with checklists. We will create a workflow to help you automate more of your business so that you can spend more of your time doing what you love the most and taking care of people in the best way possible.

Creating an Incredible Client Experience

If you are a service provider, from the first time a client emails you until after your time together is complete, you want to give them an incredible experience from working with you.  You want them to know how much you appreciate them and also give them items sprinkled throughout your time together that have meaning - whether it is a notecard thanking them for meeting with you, sending them a welcome gift, a custom item that you know they'll love, or something else that makes them feel loved, it is our responsibility to be consistent in taking care of our clients so that they all receive the same incredible experience when working with us but also create a client experience that works for you as well.  In this session, we will work together to determine the steps you take while working with them, and set yourself up for success in creating a loved experience for them.


So! There you have it!!  Which one is your favorite to learn more about??  These sessions will be held one-on-one over Facetime or Skype, so that we can work together and I can actually "meet" you, just like we are having coffee together in real time, no matter how far away you are!  

I am so excited to work together with creative business owners on these specific areas, to make your business bloom, one that stirs your soul with happiness every single day.

See you on Thursday, loves!!! Come join me on Instagram in the days ahead to celebrate this new addition!