Shayna and Joe's Love Story

Shayna and Joe's Engagement Photos - taken in Paris, France by Daria Lorman
Shayna and Joe's Engagement Photos - taken in Paris, France by Daria Lorman

It's wedding day for Shayna and Joe today!  These two have such an amazing story together and have lived quite the adventurous life together already.  I know that they are so excited that their wedding day has arrived, and their wedding is filled with amazing touches and memorable details that Shayna has created.  They planned their entire Florida wedding all the way from Germany, and I have been so impressed with how Shayna has done everything.  Today will be perfect and I am so happy to be a part of their day today!

Thank you so much to Daria Lorman in Paris (yes, Paris!) for taking these amazing photos for their engagement.   These photos are so perfectly a sweet portrayal of their love for each other, which is so evident every time I see them together.  Their marriage will be one that will be one filled with love and adventure, I just know it.

Please read below to hear more about their love story, written from Shayna's perspective.  Congratulations you two, I hope you love taking this little stroll down memory lane!


How did you two meet?We met at a party in Wiesbaden, Germany, where we were both living. I noticed him, he noticed me, and when I got my chance I struck up a conversation..for three hours. We went on a date in the park the next day and the rest is history!

Shayna, when did you know that Joe was the one for you?  The first time I knew Joe was the one was when I opened up to him and he responded with nothing but love and acceptance. I knew from then on he was someone I could trust and that would care for me unconditionally. But there have been a dozen times since then that reinforced that Joe is the one. The first time he saw me ugly-cry and didn't run away, as well as when my cat peed on him and he didn't throw her out the window, are just a few examples. Haha.

Joe, when did you know that Shayna was the one for you?  It's tough to pick an exact moment but it was very early... Not long after our first date. She was everything I ever wanted in a significant other, and as I got to know her better she was better than I could hope for. It didn't take long to figure out I'm not creative enough - Shayna is better than any girl I could ever imagine.

Shayna and Joe's Engagement Photos - taken in Paris, France by Daria Lorman
Shayna and Joe's Engagement Photos - taken in Paris, France by Daria Lorman

How did he pop the question?  Share all the details! We were out at our favorite bar in town just talking about life and what we wanted. It was two weeks before Valentine's Day, and I knew he had something up his sleeve. I didn't know it would happen that soon..but he just came out with it. He couldn't wait anymore, and I of course said yes. Then we went back to his apartment where he had the ring and did the whole bended-knee thing. Then we celebrated in Paris!

When is your wedding taking place? 

We are getting married at the Mustin Beach Officers Club in Pensacola on April 2. It's the closest Saturday we could get to the anniversary of when we first met, March 29.

Describe your wedding in three words.

Joe: "Joe and Shayna", "thank you Mark (Shayna's dad)," "This got big", "travel is fun" Shayna: FUN, sweet, adventure

Now, share the details! Do you have a theme, or design, or feeling you want your wedding day to encompass?  

Since we met abroad and both love traveling, we wanted to honor that sentiment with a travel-themed wedding. Travel is what brought us together and we want to share that with our families and friends. It also highlights our belief that marriage is the biggest adventure of all. Each of our tables is named after a destination we've either visited together, is meaningful to us or is on our bucket list.

Out of everything, what is the MOST important to the two of you on your wedding day (other than becoming husband and wife!)? 

We want everyone to have fun at our wedding. Hopefully that means dancing, or just catching up and making new friends.

Do you have a favorite wedding blog or magazine? If so, what is it? 

A Practical Wedding

- the name speaks for itself. It has been my go-to for solid advice and yes, inspiration too!

What have you loved most about planning your wedding? 

Finding the lighthouse and visualizing our wedding. It really started to feel real after that. For Shayna, saying "yes" to the dress with my mom and sister in San Diego was really special too.

Shayna and Joe's Engagement Photos - taken in Paris, France by Daria Lorman
Shayna and Joe's Engagement Photos - taken in Paris, France by Daria Lorman

What has been the most difficult part when it comes to planning? Where to start? Planning a wedding from the other side of the Earth was a "fun challenge."

Have you always dreamed about your wedding day? Or, was the day you got engaged when you first started thinking about it?  Not as much as other girls, but I did have a Pinterest board dedicated to wedding planning soon after I met Joe. So it's really ramped up recently :)

Are you going to celebrate with a honeymoon after your wedding? If so, where are you headed? We're going to Belize! We wanted somewhere with a beach, adventures and history, and it's somewhere we both hadn't been before. We're excited to sleep in a treehouse and (hopefully) snorkel with whale sharks.

Shayna and Joe's Engagement Photos - taken in Paris, France_0398
Shayna and Joe's Engagement Photos - taken in Paris, France_0398

Shayna, what makes you most excited about becoming Joe’s wife? 

Every day with Joe feels like an adventure and I'm just really excited to see where life takes us. We're truly better together.

Joe, what makes you most excited about becoming Shayna’s husband? Going on a lifelong adventure with my best friend.

When it comes to marriage and your life together, what are you looking forward to the most?

50 years from now reflecting on a life's worth of memories. Hopefully telling our kids crazy stories about them all!

Picture your lives five years from now. Where do you see yourselves, what do you see happening in your lives together? 

Who knows where we'll be -- but we'll be together, maybe with a little human or two and definitely a dog. We'll be happy.

Do you have any advice for newly engaged brides, or those in the middle of planning?

Joe said "elope" (have you picked up on his sense of humor yet?) but I say keep your eyes on the prize and choose awesome vendors like Kristin. If your goals are to 1) get married to the love of your life and 2) throw a fun party, everything else will fall into place.

Shayna and Joe's Engagement Photos - taken in Paris, France by Daria Lorman
Shayna and Joe's Engagement Photos - taken in Paris, France by Daria Lorman

Happy Wedding Day you two, enjoy every moment of it all!