She Designed A Life She Loved { Print + Digital Download }

she designed a life she loved

So many times in our lives, we sit and wonder how to make changes to it.  To make it better.  We want to create more memories, stop doing things we don't like doing, and just be happier in general.  If we sit here and don't do anything about it, how can we expect life to change?This particularly comes into play when we have a lot on our plate. For me personally, I am a business owner, which that in itself keeps me pretty busy, and in addition to that, I have a husband and two kids with one more on the way.  I attempt to play "stay at home working mama who can cook and clean and do it all" lady, and some days it can become incredibly overwhelming and just plain B.U.S.Y.

The other day, a friend asked where we were at in our year with our word - as some of you may know, at the beginning of the year, my word that I chose for 2014 was "Balance" (this is where the "Choose Balance" print came from at the beginning of the year).  And oh my goodness has it been a good word for this year.  I have learned how to wear 18 bazillion hats at once, while saying yes and no to things, really concentrating on making sure that I take time to balance things out - rather than staying up until 2am working every night (I still can't believe I used to do that), I have created business hours for myself that for the most part, I stick to daily.  I have learned for the most part how to balance things, stop overloading my to-do list in a day, and give myself more time to complete things.  It has been a challenge, but it has been worth it.  So today,  I added this NEW print was added in to the etsy shop for you to enjoy as well.

It is my desire for every single woman to become the person that she wants herself to become.  To use this life to create happy memories.  Laughing memories.  Times of love, times of quiet, times with an awesome cup of coffee, times that just make your heart content with the life you have and are building for yourself and with those around you.  So let me ask you just one more thing - what are you waiting for to start to make it happen??  Just one tiny change can make a really big difference.  Choose to  go to bed earlier to wake up and enjoy the morning sunshine.  Choose to turn the TV off and instead play board games with your kiddos.  Life is all about choices.  Make the choices that will help you to create the life you love.

grace and serendipity - she designed a life she loved

This print is available in the shop as a printed design that is printed on gloriously luscious and thick cotton paper, and also for you digital print lovers, it is available as a digital download as well!

I really hope that if you choose to add this to your home or office walls, that this print serves as a reminder to you to create the life that you love.  We only get this one, and so I really hope that you design the life that you really want to see yourself having.  Why not start today?  Have a fabulous day, lovelies, and I hope you enjoy this new print!