The Hey Mama Collection {Encouraging Cards for Moms}


Hooray!  If you have been following me on Instagram, you saw a lot of sneak previews of my first ever collection that became available on Tuesday, October 13th, including encouraging cards for moms, prints for your home or office, and items to help with planning for your business and personal life.  There are four smaller collections built into this one, and each one has their own unique story.  I wanted to share a few of my favorite pieces with you here ... and I hope there is something in this collection that you love. Each collection has 12-20 different pieces in it, and each one was created using the same basis for design so that you can mix and match as you'd like, and create a cohesive look in your home.  There are four different collections in all ... the Hey Mama Collection, the LifePlanned Collection, the Faith Full Collection, and the Dream Doer Collection.  This post today will highlight a few favorite cards from the Hey Mama Collection ... and the blog schedule will be changed just a bit this week, as there will be a miniature post every day this week to share favorites all week long!

The Hey Mama Collection is one that has been on my heart to design for so long.  I am a mama to three kids - 8 months, 3, and 17, and I have found that the number of cards available for moms to give to each other as signs of encouragement are very few and far between.  This collection came to be after talking with another mom who was having a hard time with her littles at home, and all of a sudden, it clicked. I didn't just want to be able to talk her through it on the phone, to tell her it would get better, tell her that some days were just rough, and try to cheer her up in that way.

I want to encourage moms to support each other.

It is as simple as that.  To have something we can send another mom in the mail ... something she can hold onto and refer back to on the days that are the hardest, or even to have one to giggle through the messes that having children create in our lives with us.  So from here, the Hey Mama Collection of encouraging cards was born.

In addition, I have been a stepmom for a pretty long time.  Unofficially since he was 5, legally since he was 11, and now that my stepson is 17 he has told me that finding a card for stepmoms in the store is something that is pretty hard to find ... and so I created a few cards that I thought would be loved by stepmoms everywhere, with his input and approval included!  This one below is my absolute favorite.

The card in this collection that I have the most personal and emotional attachment to is definitely this one below.  In October of 2013, we lost a baby to a miscarriage, and it breaks my heart when I hear of others going through this too ... the loss of a baby, no matter how short of a time you had with them, is always incredibly painful.  If you'd like to, you can read our story here.  We are so incredibly blessed to have the children we do, but that pain that we felt together during that time was one of the most difficult I have ever endured in my life.  I have since known of a few friends go through this as well, and this card is one that I hope will make a difference in so many lives, helping them through this time in their lives and let them know just how loved both they are and their children are.

I think that as moms - no matter what our parenting styles are, how differently we raise our kids, the amount of kids that we have or how we get through the days, the end result is always going to be the same.  We want what's best for them, we want to be the best mamas that we can be, and show our kids just how much we love them in our own different ways.  And bonding together as moms throughout this time in our lives is what I hope to be able to accomplish with this collection.  So please visit the shop to see all of the card designs that are available, and I hope you find a card or two that speaks to your heart or you feel will be perfect for a friend.

To see the entire collection of encouraging cards, please visit The Hey Mama Collection here in the Etsy Shop.  I hope to see you back here tomorrow, when the story behind the next piece of the entire line is shared!