We Believe in a Life Well Loved. The Grace and Serendipity Mission...

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Hi everyone!  I have been SO excited to share this with all of you and can not wait for Friday to be here.  Over the years, Grace and Serendipity has grown and changed, and more than anything, it keeps coming back to living a life well loved.  So, today I wanted to share our Manifesto, or Mission, with you.

I was going to put this into a series of Instagram posts, but honestly, every time I look at it I don't want to split it apart.  So, I put the entirety of it here as one long image for you to read instead.  I hope that you love the direction we are headed as much as I do.

Grace and Serendipity Mission - for a life well loved

On Friday, our website along with our shop will reopen right here on our website, where will we have products reflecting all of these details above.  We'll start small, and then in the years ahead, we will add additional products which further build on these words.

I can't wait for Friday to be here, to share everything I have been working on with you.

See you again soon.