Winter Wedding Ideas { Wedding Inspiration }

grace and serendipity - winter wedding inspiration ideas

Here in Pensacola, it doesn't snow.  Ever.  However, today we are home, and as I look out my office window, I can see sleet, which eventually is supposed to turn into snow (whhaaaatt??!).  To say that I am excited, as a Minnesota girl, is a major understatement.  My husband has never seen it, so I think he's pretty excited as well, since his work kept him home as well.  My stepson keeps peeking out of the windows as I think this house is filled with excitement.

Then, I stumbled upon this beautiful dress on Pinterest - and it got me thinking.  It's such a beautiful dress, perfect for a winter wedding, and it got me thinking - if I was planning a winter wedding, what kind of a wedding would I want to have?  Well, I couldn't decide between two different ideas, so you get two sets of beautiful inspirational wedding ideas today.

This first one is probably my favorite.  I saw this dress, and immediately tried to dream up what kind of wedding this kind of a bride would have. To me, I love that it looks like the back of her dress looks like snowflakes - and if you want your dress to "blend" with your theme, I think it works with either the top or the bottom one.  I love the mix of the garlands and greenery along with the rich reds and winter whites, with pops of gold in color, also incorporating nature elements.  Just pretty.  And having a hot chocolate bar to keep your guests warm?  { can you say swoonworthy?? }

grace and serendipity - winter wedding inspiration ideas

Red, Winter White, Rustic Wedding Inspiration Via: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

If you are wanting to go towards something more trendy, sparkly, and bright, I love this one below.  Sequins and glitter are major trends right now, and they both can look beautiful as long as they're not overused.  You have to balance the sparkle out with the rest of everything, but I love the way this looks!  Just light, fresh, and pretty.

grace and serendipity - winter wedding inspiration ideas - glitter with silver

Silver and Sequin Wedding Inspiration: 1, 2, 3, 4

Are you planning a winter wedding?  If so, what kind of a wedding are you dreaming about?  Will yours resemble one of these ideas shown?  Or are you going a different route?  I'd love to hear aboutit!

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