The Wine Box Ceremony { Ceremony Details }


This past weekend, the wedding I was a part of decided to do a wine box ceremony instead of doing a unity sand ceremony or unity candle ceremony.  This isn't a new idea, but it is one that I have not seen or heard of very often in our area.  I have to admit, I think out of all of the "unity" options I have seen or heard of, this ceremony addition is my favorite.

I feel like it is actually something substantial to contribute to the marriage, and have had a lot of guests say that it is a fabulous part to add to the ceremony.  One of our past couples, Katie and Brandon (see more on their wedding here!), had this as a part of their ceremony as well, and it was the first time I learned about it. I have loved it ever since.

Basically, you and your spouse both write a love letter to each other that you don't read to each other ahead of time.  In those letters, you include what makes them so special to you - their funky quirks, lovable smile, perhaps a few things they do that make you feel loved.  You may also want to include things such as how you've grown since you've met, the day you realized you were meant to be, and what your hopes and dreams are for your relationship in the future.  After writing it, you place it into an envelope and seal it, giving it to either your Maid of Honor or Best Man, your parents, or your officiant to pass to you during your ceremony.

Your parents also write letters - sharing how they feel about your relationship as well.  They include their hopes and dreams, and give words of encouragement and some of their favorite marriage advice for when things get tough, how to make it through.  And, if you would like, you can also add a copy of your vows.

The idea is that your wine box is to hold a special place in your home after the ceremony.  During the ceremony, your officiant uses a script similar to the one below.  This is the exact script from the wedding last weekend, but feel free to adapt it and use it in your own ceremony!


Doesn't that just make your heart melt?!  It gives such an added meaning to your ceremony, and stands for so much after the wedding day, when your marriage is what you're celebrating daily.

We purchased their wine box for Kayley and Brian's ceremony from Willow Road Designs on Etsy. The grooms mom, Cathy, then added padding and a silk fabric to the inside to protect the glasses and wine from breaking.  They were a fantastic shop to work with, and had it done very quickly.  Their box is absolutely beautiful and definitely something that will be treasured for years to come!

What do you think about this wedding ceremony idea?

Would you want to do it for your own special day? Share in the comments below!