XOXO! Valentine Cards and Prints are now available!


Xoxo!  That is a signature that so many of my friends use when they're writing, either on social media or in emails (and yes, I am definitely thinking of my photographer friend @xoashleyvictoria with this as well!)  I think that inspiration truly comes from everywhere, and for me, I saw this font and knew it was exactly the style I wanted to use for this years Valentine collection.  I love that Ashley was able to photograph this so beautifully as well!  Loving Big is big for me ... I think that showing people that you love them is so necessary, whether it's telling them, or sending them a card, or even supporting them on new business ventures, so I knew that this "love big" print definitely had to be included this year.

love big gold foil valentines print - grace and serendipity

There is a pretty little collection of fourteen different prints and cards in the Etsy shop that are perfect for you to purchase to give to your favorite Galentine or keep for yourself to add some love to your walls. These below are a few of my favorites.

love you more than coffee gold foil valentines card - grace and serendipity

I drink coffee all. the. time.  (a very exciting combination of vanilla with vanilla creamer, for those of you that are curious...I don't venture out past that often!) So this card was inspired by my husband, who loves bacon.  There's a fun i love you more than bacon card in the shop, and also one for the coffee lovers.  Because to love someone more than coffee or bacon is to love them a lot!  This is also available in a print in case you'd like to add it next to your coffee pot for some fun decorating in the kitchen!

xoxo gold foil valentines print 2- grace and serendipity
galentine card gold foil valentines card - grace and serendipity

I love the pattern that these X's and O's create, with the distinction of the two near the middle to break it up a bit.  This print is probably my favorite out of the whole collection, and it's the one that started as inspiration for it all!

I love sending snail mail cards in the mail, especially to the girlfriends I talk with the most.  There are so many lovely ladies that I know make life better by being in it, and sprinkling their mailbox with something fun like this is perfect way to tell them how much you care about them.  And with the gold foil on the valentine cards, you know that they'll love the metallic look to it when they receive it.

Share Your Thoughts!

What is your favorite Valentine card or print in the shop for this collection?  I'd love to hear it in the comments below!  Visit the shop to purchase your favorite items for those you love, and I hope to see you here again next Thursday!