The Branded Business

Whether you are an established business in need of marketing materials for your business or you are just starting out and want to create a beautiful brand, I would love to chat with you about branding for your business.  Branding and complementing collateral is one of the most difficult pieces in a business to create, and working with an experienced designer can help to make this one of the most loved pieces of your brand.

Below are the three service offerings available, which are also able to be personalized to your needs.  For more information including pricing details, please contact Kristin at the bottom of this page to chat about creating a completely branded collection for your creative business.  I look forward to working with you!

Logo Design + Business Branding

For newer businesses or those looking for a Branding Refresh
Logo Design and Business Branding by Grace and Serendipity


Includes -

- Logo + Alternate Logo Design

- Color Palette, Pattern, and Typography Selections to develop your branding style

- A Personalized Branding + Style Guide, including all logos, colors, patterns, and inspirational style to nurture your brand and keep it consistent 

- Design at least two collateral pieces for you to use

- Can additionally include extended business branding, collateral design, and client experience


Branding + Business Collateral Design

For businesses who have the beginnings of a brand but need ideas to elevate it with extended branding pieces and customized marketing materials for your brand to stand out
Business Branding and Business Collateral by Grace and Serendipity



- Working together to make a cohesive branding experience and have unique pieces to your business

- Complete your branding if you only have a logo but are in need of additional design pieces to coordinate with it

- Create customized collateral pieces that you can use within your business and help it stand out, from additional marketing materials to branded stationery and pieces you can use for a variety of touchpoints with your clients

- Created with both service providers + shop owners in mind to help your business stand out

Collateral Design + Client Experience

For established businesses who are confident in their brand but need assistance creating an amazing, completely designed and branded experience for the people who come in contact with their business, sweetening the experience of working with you, whether you provide services or products.

Business Collateral and Client Experience with Grace and Serendipity


for service providers - 

- Customized Business Collateral + Welcome Materials, specializing in your brand and ways to make it a well-rounded experience from beginning to end with each client 

- Client Gifting Ideas, focusing on on-boarding, certain times throughout your time working together, special dates, and off-boarding

- Package Presentation Ideas + Branded Pieces focusing on which online programs you use with clients on how to create a brand that is well-rounded

for product sellers - 

- Shipping + Packaging Ideas + Suggestions on how to create a brand that is well-rounded

- Branded Collateral to help your business stand out from the moment your package is mailed until after it is opened by your customer


If you aren't sure which of these best suits your needs, please contact Kristin below, where we will set up a meeting and chat about how we can serve your business in the best way possible from the beginning. I look forward to chatting with you!

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