Every business needs to have business collateral, or marketing materials to give to your clients numerous times throughout your time working together.  It is incredibly important that the marketing materials you have for your business reflect the incredible business that you have created, to strengthen your brand presence and help your clients to enjoy their experience with you even more.   

This service is for businesses who already have a logo and a brand presence, who are in need of additional items to complete their branding style for their business.  From beautifully designed business cards and custom notecards, to branded client gifts and ideas to set your business apart, Kristin will work with you to create a loved collection of items for your business that will set it apart and give you the confidence that everything you send to clients has been developed and designed specifically for you.

You may wonder why to work with a designer to do this - you already have a logo and your brand established, why would you want to invest with someone for this?  The answer to that question is simple.  Having a strong background as a creative stationery designer is what sets Kristin apart and what will help you to develop a stronger brand presence.  By working with an experienced designer, you know that you will receive a quality product that will surpass your clients expectations, and make it easy for you to do so.  As business owners, you have enough tasks to take care of on a daily basis - by working with Kristin to design a collection of branded collateral you love, this will become one of the most enjoyable pieces of your business when it comes to taking care of your clients.

For more information or to chat about creating a collection for your business, please contact Kristin here.