This is the service that is probably best for those of you who have been in business for a little while as you probably have already identified where you need to add pieces within your business to help it stand out more.  There are two different areas of personalization for this, depending on if you are a service provider or a product seller.  If you do both services + products, we will create a customized design package for you.



The Wedding Vendor, The Virtual Assistant, The Business Coach, etc.

You have a logo, you have business cards, but when you are hired by your clients, what do you send them?  Do you have a set of custom notecards with a beautifully branded gift and welcome packet welcoming them into your business, or do you send them a note you found at the dollar spot at Target, if you send them a note at all? (please note I am not saying good things for your business can't be found at Target ... go with me here ;) ).  When you meet with them, what do you use to take notes?  When it's Christmas, do you send them a gift?  What is it, and how is it packaged?  How have you sweetened the experience of your clients choosing you to work with them? Have you put thought into these aspects yet? Or do you want to, but don't know what to do, don't have the time to do it, or don't know who to turn to?  That's where I want to come in to help you, in answering these questions for you and setting your business up for success with ease.



The Etsy Shop Owner, the Creative Product Designer, or The Pop-Up Shop Stunner

You started your business and you are absolutely loving it.  Sales are coming in and you love mailing packages of your amazing products to everyone who you are blessed with a purchase from, but, you want to make yours stand out instead of incorporating the basics that can be found most places.  You don't want to mail your packages beautifully and add special touches to make them unique, but you aren't sure where to look, or you don't have the time to research what you're looking for.  You want to give your buyers an experience from the moment that your package is in their mailbox or on their front porch.  

What are you going to do to help your products to stand out even more?  Will it be by adding a sticker to your mailer on the outside, or tying every piece inside with a beautiful ribbon?  Perhaps you want to use branded packing tape, or even adding something unique to your business as a surprise to every order.  What will you do to help your business to be what you know it can be, and make it even more incredible and consistent for your customers every time they receive a package from you? This is where we will work together to think about the branded possibilities you have within your business and the things you'd like to change or improve, to sweeten the experience of the people who purchase items from you.

I would love to chat with you about creating a branded experience for those you are blessed to work with.  For more information or to chat with me about branding for your business, please contact me here.