You are a creative business owner who knows how incredible of a business she has, but you need someone to help you to put the pieces together to create a beautiful brand that symbolizes every part of it.  Branding is so much more than a logo - it is a feeling, a style, an entirely emotional experience that people have when they work with you.  Your brand is seen in so many places - online in particular, where it is more important than ever to have a brand and a style that stands out.  Having a logo customized and designed specifically for your business is the first step, along with building a brand that encompasses the style and emotions you want your business to be known for.

 Kristin will work with you to help you to truly discover the branding style for your business and work with you to bring it to life. We will work together from the beginning, working through what it is that you love most about your business and turning those discoveries into a brand that exudes your personality and business' style together.   We will work together to develop a color and brand style that will eventually become your go-to guide when it comes to branding consistently for your business, bringing a unique perspective to your branding elements that will make it even more incredible than you had originally thought possible.  

In addition, a beautiful logo with complementing pieces that you will be able to have for a variety of areas in your business will be created, to help your business to hold a lasting impression and create a stronger brand presence with your clients. After your branding palette and logo are completed, we will begin working together on the pieces that will become a customized stationery collection, so that every time you send something to a client or give someone your business card, you do so with confidence and knowing that you are giving them something that is a beautiful extension of the business you've created.  You have an amazing business and you know that it's time that you had a brand to reflect it, with a beautiful design that will withstand the trends and be something you still love years from now ... Kristin is the designer to help you to create a brand you truly love, for a business that makes you proud of what you do.

For more information on logo design and business branding, please contact Kristin here