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Word of the Year for 2017: Nurture

Word of the Year for 2017:  Nurture

I think it is always so interesting to see and read about how people choose a word that represents what they hope the year will encompass.  We are a few weeks into 2017 and I thought today would be the perfect day for sharing my reasoning behind choosing this one for the year.  I've already noticed a difference in my general day to day and what I pay more attention to, so I am excited to have an entire year devoted to this, both personally and in my business.

Last year was a really big transitional year - from moving away from wedding planning (see more on that post here) to creating loved custom wedding invitation collections for so many amazing couples and also building my shop into what it is now (let alone raising two kids at home with me while all of this was happening too), it was filled with a lot of hectic, a lot of busy, and a lot of exhaustion, honestly.  Even though my business turns seven this year (which is my lucky number, so it's got to be a good year!) in a lot of ways because of making the change from primarily wedding planning to wedding invitations + day-of items, there were a lot of new things I had to learn last year.  Every day I worked on new ideas, new systems within the business and different details that I hadn't before.