Woodland Nursery Inspiration {for our little man!}

fox nursery woodland print

Well, I officially have hit the 6 month mark and this belly of mine is growing more and more every day.  It kind of really hit us both this past weekend that we have got to get a move-on on putting his nursery together!.  My husband and I have finally decided on a theme that we both love and I am soexcited about all of the different elements we are going to mix in together!  I didn't want to go with anything too modern, but at the same time definitely wanted something that had unique characteristics and a big element of fun as well.  So, this is what we decided on - a woodland themed nursery! When I was planning my daughter's nursery, I wanted to do a woodsy theme too, but we decided to go with a complete garden one instead. I was exploring on Etsy one day and saw an adorable little fox that had been knitted, I swooned, and I was sold on what we were going to do.  Lucky for me, I showed my husband when he came home, and he fell in love with it too! I am really trying to incorporate items that are handmade and will support small businesses around the US as well.  My go-to place for this little guy is going to be Etsy, and we are going to make a lot of items ourselves as well.  Something about knowing that the majority of his items will come from creative hands instead of the big box stores makes me so much more excited about it.  It may be a little bit of a challenge, but at the same time knowing that some of his little items will be made by hand makes my heart a little happier too.

grace and serendipity - woodland nursery inspiration

 { Sources: fox print mobile | stump table | chair | pouf | fox | crib | lamp }


I am really excited about having a gray crib.  I have never really liked dark furniture in a nursery, but didn't want to do white either. The orange pouf will get a lot of use over the years as well I'm sure, and I love that it'll convert from a footstool for me when we're rocking the late nights away to a little seat for him to read on when he's older.  My husband is going to make shelves and drill holes from rope to hold a few small tidbits.  I am probably most excited about the little fox - my aunt is going to make one for him!  The one I found on Etsy isn't the same one as pictured above, but it will be the cutest thing ever.  Plus - I really love that she is making it for him!  I would love to be able to find a stump of some sort that we can sand, stain, and add varnish to - so if you have any ideas on where to start on that little project, please let me know!


So there you go! Here is to the next few weeks of putting a nursery together, as I have the hope to have it all put together by Christmas when my parents come down, and also because when wedding season picks back up in January, I want our little guy's room to be ready to go!  A little ambitious?  Perhaps.  But hey.  It's just another fun little thing I am so excited to get to design.  Here's to a lot of happy creating days to come!