I have loved working with so many creative business owners this year for branding and coaching services.  It has been ingrained in my heart from the very beginning to serve and teach other creative business owners, and so in August of 2017 I became the owner of the Society for Creative Founders. SCF is a community for artists, makers, and designers. Creative business owners can learn through webinars, courses, coaching, and an annual conference experience to receive the knowledge and encouragement they need to grow their business as a creative founder.

Due to this addition, I no longer am offering individual design services or coaching for creative entrepreneurs here through Grace and Serendipity.  If you are wanting to learn more about all that Society for Creative Founders has available for you, I would love for you to visit the Society for Creative Founders website or follow along on Instagram here.  It is an all-encompassing business for female entrepreneurs that will be able to help you to grow tremendously in so many different ways.   

   For more information, please visit the Society for Creative Founders website here.