The Mission of Grace and Serendipity

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Grace and Serendipity is a custom and product design business that strives to create meaningful items celebrating the moments in the seasons of our lives. Whether we are planning a wedding or raising our littles with love, we walk through life with grace and faith.

We look for the good in every day, living serendipity, and moving through this one precious life gracefully instead of packing our schedules to the brim, rejoicing in the quiet, unspoken moments that will become some of our favorites in our lives.

We believe that a wedding is the day you bring family and friends together to celebrate the love you've found with your forever sweetheart, and that a wedding invitation designed specifically for that once in a lifetime day can hold a powerful set of emotions when holding it lovingly in your hands. It is an honor to be a part of that moment with you.

Seeing a newborn baby smile and receiving hugs from our kiddos have the ability to make our hearts melt in an instant. We believe in reading another bedtime story instead of rushing them off to bed. We say yes to jumping in mud puddles and painting and creating joy while making a mess. We believe in doodling the day away and instilling confidence in our children.

We know that words can inspire and encourage us, shape us into the people we are and the ones we desire to be. That words can instill hope and give us the confidence we need to take big leaps of faith. And when we read those words infused with the soothing design that we love to create with, we know they have the ability to leave a lasting impression on our hearts.

We believe in living our days choosing kindness, loving well, and giving grace upon grace upon amazing grace both to ourselves and to others.